The Super Weird Ending Of THE THIRD DAY Explained | Full Breakdown & Review

THE THIRD DAY Ending Explained Breakdown And Full Season Spoiler Talk Review. We recap, review, analyze and break down The Third Day and It's Ending. The HBO Show starring Jude Law has a lot to talk about and obviously I'd love to hear your thoughts below.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and it’s time to travel to the five star island of Osea to discuss everything that you need to know about The Third Day.

Throughout this, we’re gonna be going over entire show’s plot and it’s ending so obviously there will be heavy spoilers here.

With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into the breakdown.

The Third Day Recap
Ok so The Third Day experience is actually cut up into three chapters that cover several characters as they try to get to the bottom of what is happening on the mysterious island of Osea.

The first is summer which follows Sam played by Jude Law as he gets to the bottom of his son’s disappearance which just so happens to be tied to the island itself.

The second part which was actually broadcast as a twelve hour live event on the island is called Autumn and this followed Sam as he went on his trials.

The third which is called winter follows Sam’s wife Helen, played by Naomie Harris as she searches for the answers to what happened to her husband.

the third day ending explained breakdown full season spoiler talk review

The Island Of Osea
Now the inhabitants of Osea believe that it is actually the soul of the world and that if things are amiss on the island, the rest of the world will decay. Thus they see themselves as protectors and have sought out the descendants of a man known Frederick Nicholas Charrington who we learn founded the island.

Charrington took up the mantle of father and together with his followers, they performed celtic rituals in order to stop the world from getting sick.

Charringtons grandson, who happens to be Sam’s grandfather, ended up fleeing Osea after he was disgusted by the ritualistic sacrifices that were performed and this is when things started to go awry. Sam’s grandfather’s brother took up the mantle himself but things just haven’t been the same.

The inhabitants believe that the direct offspring of Charrington must rule over them in order to keep the world in balance and thus they have sought out his descendants.

Initially, they wanted to use Sam’s son Nathan and hired someone to kidnap him, however, this ended up backfiring and thus they have pulled Sam back to the island so that he can return it to order.

Sam’s Journey
He comes across a girl named Epona who is attempting to end her own life and takes her back to the island which is when he is pulled into the true plot.

Osea is only accessible by a causeway that often floods and I thought it was brilliant how there was always this ticking clock in the background in which the characters had to get off the island before the tide rolled in.

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