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"The Dark is Here" from The Third Day: Summer (Music From the Limited Series).
Music by Cristobal Tapia de Veer.
Listen to the full Soundtrack: https://soundtracks.lnk.to/thethirddayAY

Created by Dennis Kelly and Felix Barrett, the ground-breaking series from Sky Studios in collaboration with HBO, Plan B and Punchdrunk. The Third Dayis a limited series which consists of three separate but interconnected stories that all take place on Osea Island in the UK; ‘Summer’, ‘Autumn’ and ‘Winter’. ‘Summer’ stars Jude Law (HBO’s The New Pope) as Sam, a man drawn to a mysterious island off the British coast. Isolated from the mainland, Sam is unable to leave the idyllic and dangerously enchanting world he has discovered, where the secretive rituals of its inhabitants prompt him to grapple with experiences of loss and trauma hidden in his past through the distorted lens of the present. As boundaries between fantasy and reality fragment, his quest to unlock the truth leads the islanders to reveal a shocking secret. ‘Summer’ is written by Dennis Kelly and directed by Marc Munden.

Multiple award winning Cristobal Tapia de Veer is a Chilean born, classically trained musician, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, composing music scores for film & TV. Cristo’s music will stick in your mind long after you’ve heard it. His band One Ton reached number one in Canada in 2003 with the electro-dance single “Super sex World” and won the Canadian Dance Music Award (SOCAN). In 2011 he scored his first mini-TV series The Crimson Petal and the White, nominated at the BAFTA’S 2012 for Best mini-series. 2 years later Munden and Cristo teamed up again to work on C4’s critically acclaimed cult series Utopia. The thriller won an International EMMY Award 2014 for best drama series and his music for Utopia won several awards and became an international milestone in the scoring world. His first feature film The Girl with all the Gifts opened the Locarno Film Festival and was released in fall 2016. Cristo won in the best original music category at the 24th Festival International du Film Fantastique Gérardmer 2017. SOCAN honoured Cristo with the prestigious International Achievement Award in fall 2017, marking the first time that a composer for film and television has been awarded the prize. Recent releases include 2 episodes of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams(Amazon, C4), for which he received anEMMYnomination, as well as the highly acclaimed season 4 finale of Netflix’ dark sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror – Black Museum.

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1. Hole
2. One Piece at a Time
3. Lactation of Sam
4. A God's Name
5. The Island
6. Parousia
7. Entranced
8. I Remember You
9. Leave Osea
10. The Boy
11. Intruder
12. I Know What You Did
13. Intoxicate
14. The Dark
15. Osea
16. Hypnotized
17. Believe
18. What Did You Do to Me
19. Half Remembered
20. The Crying Boy
21. The Darkness Is Coming
22. Invocation
23. People of the Forest
24. Ecstasy
25. Revelations
26. Saviors
27. Estranged
28. Prisoner
29. Breakout
30. Sacrificial Lamb
31. I Want to See
32. Intimately
33. Summer
34. Communion
35. The Dark is here

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